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Fax From the Web
Fax From the Web
  FaxFromTheWeb.com is an easy-to-use high-speed electronic document fax broadcast gateway, enabling you to instantly send information to thousands of fax and email destinations with a few clicks of your mouse. An excellent alternative to expensive software such as Rightfax© or WinFax© Pro.
  FaxFromTheWeb Simple Advanced Try FaxFromTheWeb and send your broadcast out 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our State-of-the-Art Online Technology and convenient fax scheduling feature. If you need a low-cost, high-volume fax and email delivery system that is fast and reliable, this new application is a perfect fit.

With anytime access and low rates for fax and email, FaxFromTheWeb offers our customers the most advanced internet fax and email product on the market today. Sending out your newsletters, press releases, or product announcements has never been easier!
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Get started today with a free demonstration, and receive
$25 in free fax and email service with your new account!
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    - Same low rates, day or night
- No monthly fees or set-up charges
- 24 hour access, 7 days a week.
- Simple to use interface
- Auto eFlect© email feature, and exact duplicate of your fax.
- Convenient scheduling feature, up to 7 days in advance
- Online cost estimate.
- Unlimited user capability
- Real-time monitoring of your broadcast
- Powerful list management and conversion features.
- Free database storage
- Personalized header
- Uses common document formats like Word, PDF and more*.
- Uses common database formats like Dbase, Excel and csv
- Launches multiple broadcasts simultaneously
- Unlimited user capability
- Control your fax and email broadcasts from your desktop
- Access Faxfromtheweb anytime, from anywhere.
- Distribute thousands of faxes or emails in minutes.
- Perfect for smaller distribution lists.
- No software requirements
Faxfromtheweb Free Demo
Multi-user enterprise accounts are available, please
contact us at 1-800-753-9994 for more information.
    FaxFromTheWeb uses common document formats including Word or Word Perfect .doc files, Acrobat .pdf, Postscript or PCL printer files, .eps, .rtf, .tif, .pcx, .png, .jpg, .gif or .bmp images files.
    Fax From the Web
Fax From the Web
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